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A lot of companies may say they have the best solution for conformal coverage for High Aspect Ratio (HAR) vias, but Tango actually delivers. With patented hardware designs and finely tuned process conditions, Tango’s Axcela TSV platform can achieve >20% continuous sidewall coverage on vias with ARs up to 15:1.

2.5D interposers and 3D ICs are now in low-volume production for high-end server applications. To enable high volume manufacturing for consumer applications, via diameters must be aggressively reduced. As aspect ratios increase, it becomes more critical to reduce overburden by increasing sidewall coverage during the seed layer deposition, especially along the lower sidewall and bottom corners of vias.

2.5D Silicon interposers have started to be used for reducing die sizes for large die as well as the ability to integrate passives directly on the interposer. Glass and organic substrates have been increasingly considered as promising alternatives in an effort to reduce interposer cost.
As the supply chain evolves and the process, materials and equipment mature, interposers and 3D integration will enable better chip performance in order to meet the needs of mobile electronics, and high performance devices with lower cost and smaller form factor.

In TSV seed layer deposition processes, the Axcela TSV process window accommodates TSVs with via diameters ranging from sub-micron all the way up to 100µm, covering aspect ratios as high as 15:1.

Silicon Interposers:
Tango has been supplying equipment and processes for Silicon interposers for seed layer deposition for TSV with via diameters ranging from 5um to 100um and aspect ratios as high as 15:1

Glass Interposers:
Tango developed and demonstrated capabilities for seed layer deposition in glass interposers with 20 X 200um via sizes on both round, and rectangular substrates.

Organic Interposers:
Tango was the first company to meet and exceed the requirements of organic interposers; demonstrating 2X the minimum required adhesion strength, to produce films of >1.2 kgf-cm adhesion to their organic substrates.

Conformal coating of seed layer

For deposition of adhesion and seed layers, Tango provides the Axcela platform for round substrates (from 200mm up to 450mm) and the Topaz platform for rectangular panels (300mm X 300mm to 650mm X 650mm).

Process Capabilities
With diverse experience across a wide variety of TSV-related applications (including Molded Substrates and MEMS), Tango excels in all aspects of producing a high quality sputtered TSV seed layer.

  • Long-throw set-up with >20% seed layer sidewall coverage on 15:1 AR vias.
  • Strong vacuum performance of chambers, due to a batch degas, and integrated ICP produce the best ionization and lowest contact resistance
  • Well tuned ICP process for excellent adhesion strength of the metal to the substrate
  • Patented magnetron technology to produce outstanding sidewall coverage across all size vias
  • Embedded cooling systems to maintain a low temperature during processing without compromising on system throughput

Click here for more information on the Axcela or Topaz platforms.

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