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Backside metallization is required for many high performance applications like power devices, microprocessors, laser diodes where backside contacts are needed for subsequent die attach. Precise control of pre-clean and deposition processes is very important for excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. This process is some times done on very thin and fragile wafers, so ability to control stress and handling the wafers is very critical.

Tango offers process recipes for very low, and even zero stress on common material stacks used for backside metallization.

Common Film Stacks: Ti/Pt/AuSn, Ti(W)/Au, Ti/Ni(V)/Ag
Wafer flipping option for 200/300mm
Wafer front side protection
Ability to handle warped wafers as well as Taiko wafers
Taiko processed wafers to 30 microns

With many in the field already, Tango’s Axcela platform provides BSM deposition for all wafer sizes, including 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm.

Click here for more information on Axcela.

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